People’s expectations about technology in the workplace have changed. It should be better and it should work first time. More often than not someone in your team at work will complain that technology in the workplace is letting them down. It’s likely they’ll question why the technology they use at work can’t be more like the technology they have at home. Take office meeting rooms, for example. Why is it when you try to do your presentation or join a video conference call does the technology not work as it should and you waste time and energy? It’s frustrating. It’s also unnecessary.

Back in 2011 Gary Cooper and Philip Stoddart knew this was a problem, mainly because they were the ones doing the complaining. Something needed to be done about it, the workplace needed to get smarter. So coodart was founded with a vision to make technology work. Since 2011 coodart have laboured to understand why the technology that you use in the workplace can’t be simpler and easy to use. The technology should only help and not hinder.

coodart’s approach is to understand technology, not only the nuts and bolts, but also how it fits into the wider context of the workplace. So that means understanding where technology fits in relation to the physical space and into the working habits of people. Easier said than done, however our customers realise that coodart has broken the mould of the traditional IT consultancy and understand more than just the bits and the bytes and gizmos and gadgets. We understand the workplace including the architecture, construction, fixtures and fittings and furniture. It’s what sets us apart. And because we understand the technology and the workplace it’s why our customers return to us again and again.

Our skills and experience can be grouped into three broad topics, namely collaboration, consumer and communication.