Changing the way the world communicates in a simple, accessible way.

Lifesize is a pioneer of video communication. In 2003 Lifesize set out to make video conferencing truly universal and over the years since has continually delivered innovation.  Video solutions from Lifesize are simple to buy, adopt, support and use. This is by design. Every decision made, every upgrade released, every new product launched is about making connections. Whether you’re joining from the road, from another city or from the other side of the world, Lifesize is out to create a conferencing experience that makes you feel like everyone’s right in the room with you.

coodart chose Lifesize as a partner because of their great expertise, great product and value for money offered by their solutions. Our relationship with Lifesize is deep and meaningful and we’ve installed Lifesize video communications, centered around Lifesize Cloud, at many of our clients.