Our showroom is the perfect place to see what we do and how we do it up close and personal. Situated in Leamington Spa, the showroom is a complete and fully working office that is used on a daily basis. It highlights the subtle blend of technology and furniture that helps create a great workspace.

We built the showroom to help our customers visualise and get hands on with a great workspace. Nothing is more powerful than seeing all of the designs, ideas and components come together into a superbly installed office environment. Everything has been carefully considered and curated and we only install the technology and furniture that we know is refined, reliable and robust. Our goal throughout has been to create a workspace that is easy to use. In our showroom the technology only helps and doesn’t hinder, and the finish is considered but not gold plated. The technology and furniture installed is what we believe to be the very best value for money.

You can get hands-on with our open huddle spaces, training room and spectacular boardroom. Everyone who visits the showroom comments on the quality and tidy installation. You’ll wish the meeting rooms in your organisation worked this way. It’s something that we believe that any company can have. You only need to come and talk to us and we can engage you in a design consultation. Many of the principles, technologies and furnishings in our boardroom are now enjoyed by our clients after we worked with them.

We work very closely with our partners, many of which helped us sculpt and build our showroom. Jointly with our partners we can help you create your own fantastic workspace, be it a meeting room, a boardroom or a whole building. Take a look at our list of partners and our case studies to see what we’ve delivered and how we’ve made our customers very happy.

Most importantly come and see the showroom, we’d be delighted to host you and let you see first hand what coodart can do for you.

Come and see us in Leamington Spa – download map


To book a coodart showroom visit

call us on: 01926 800220, or

email: showroom@coodart.com