Intelligent network-powered LED lighting controlled by a fine mesh network of smartsensors to monitor motion, brightness, and temperature.

With the smartengine technology, we have a lighting solution from wtec which is able to feel and think independently. The system is based on a fine mesh sensor network, including LED fixtures with a smart-sensor which measures motion, brightness, and temperature. The collected information is processed by the smartengine and continuously dims light levels at each individual fixture to reduce energy consumption by up to 85%.

The smartengine supplies each fixture with the exact amount of energy to achieve the desired brightness. Exactly where light is needed. The system operates over the building IT infrastructure network and connects the centralised smartengine with the smartsensor and the light via network cables, which transfer both power and data.

The smartengine technology and corresponding smart components “feel” what is needed in your building to act independently, accurately and efficiently.
The handling of the system is simple and works intuitively via our smartapps and web interfaces.

coodart chose wtec as a partner because of their vision of the low-powered office that intelligently consumes less power and manages resources more efficiently. Their sensor-based network is truly a pioneer in the creation of the Internet of Things.